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Which Party Was the Racist Party?

Let’s look at the historical facts. Here is a breakdown in historic votes for both parties, and to some this may come as a shock, but all the data is supported by history:

Without conservatives, there would have been no 13th Amendment abolishing slavery (100% Republican support and 23% Democrat support). Without conservatives we would have no 14th Amendment giving freed slaves the right to vote (94% Republican support and 0% Democrat support). Without conservatives there would have been no 15th Amendment giving the right to vote to ALL (100% Republican support and 0% Democrat support). MLK was a Republican and for good reason. He understood, just as Malcom X did, that the Democrat Party was a scourge for people of color.

Now before you fall for those that think there was some grand party switch in ideologies, consider this. There is no evidence that at some point in the past both parties magically switched ideologies by 180 degrees. There is conjecture from the academic world that this happened, but no evidence. I suppose that if your feelings support your opinion, it becomes fact to you, but this is where academia is these days.